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Problems caused by air pollution and home remedies to avoid it

Air Pollution in India

The level of air pollution is increasing day by day and we feel its effect clearly in the winter season. Now the condition has become such that air pollution increases so much in the month of November-December in many states of India that it is becoming difficult to breathe in the open air. Although this problem is not only in our country but its effect is being seen all over the world and measures are being tried to deal with it. Air pollution is not generated only by human activities, but natural sources also pollute the atmosphere in large quantities. For example, lava emanating from the volcano, pieces of rocks, foul smell spread after the death of animals, different types of gases, ash and dust particles pollute the atmosphere. Most of the air pollution in this is generated by volcanic gases. forest fires are also a source of air pollution, because the smoke and ash particles generated from it pollute the entire atmosphere. Not only this, dust particles from the storm are also a cause of pollution. Thus, it can be said that air pollution from natural sources causes a limited amount of harm as compared to human sources.

News related to air pollution and deaths are seen daily in newspapers and TV and often such figures keep coming out that the most polluted cities in the world are in India. The problem of pollution is having a serious impact on our environment as well as our health and people are also getting serious diseases due to breathing in polluted air. Due to the increasing population in India, the needs of the people are also increasing and to meet those needs new buildings, industries, shopping malls, residential areas etc. are being constructed. A huge amount of forests are being cut for the construction of these buildings. We are busy building a world with fewer forests and more buildings, less fresh, clean air and more smoke clouds. There are many things in our daily activities which are directly being caused by air pollution.

There are many industries and power plants in India from where polluted smoke is emitted and this smoke mixes in the air and also pollutes the air. This is the reason why there is an excessive amount of air pollution due to power plants and industries. With the increasing population, our needs are also increasing and people are also having private vehicles. The use of private vehicles instead of public vehicles, the polluted smoke coming out of vehicles spreads pollution in the air. This is the reason that nowadays people come out of their homes by covering their nose and mouth with masks or clothes etc. so that they can protect themselves from the elements of pollution present in the polluted air. Chimneys of factories and factories continuously emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, and other chemical fumes, which increase air pollution. The air conditioners in our homes and offices release chlorofluorocarbons which seriously contaminate our environment and also damages the ozone layer.

Health Problems related to Air Pollution

Generally, burning in the eyes is considered to be the most prominent symptom of air pollution. Apart from this, cough and burning sensation in the nose are also its symptoms. If you already have any respiratory disease then you need to be more alert these days as this smog can increase respiratory diseases manifold. Let us know in detail about the problems caused by air pollution:

Breathing Problems or Cough

Staying in contaminated air for a long time causes difficulty in breathing. This is due to the harmful chemicals present in the air around us. It would be better these days that you go out less and definitely put on a mask when you go out.

If you are having trouble breathing due to exposure to contaminated air, then you can take steam to prevent it. By taking steam, the phlegm accumulated in the lungs comes out and there is relief from the tightness or congestion in the lungs. For steam, you put eucalyptus oil in hot water and steam it for five to ten minutes. If you want, you can also steam it by heating just plain water.

Eye Irritation

As soon as you spend some time in polluted air, the eyes start burning. At present, most of the people in major cities like Delhi are troubled by this problem. Apart from burning in the eyes, problems like watery eyes or red eyes are being seen after staying in the open air for a long time or traveling. You can get relief from this problem by trying the following home remedies, but if the problem has increased a lot, then consult a doctor immediately.

Nose Congestion & Throat infection

Apart from the eyes, due to air pollution, there is a burning sensation in the nose as well. At the same time, problems like nasal congestion are seen in some people. The easiest way to avoid this is to put a mask on the problem coming out so that harmful chemicals do not get into the nose. If still troubled by this problem, then follow the steps given below. The problem of sore throat or pain can also be due to air pollution, because due to exposure to polluted air for a long time, harmful chemicals infect the throat.

In case of sore throat, add salt or betadine to lukewarm water and gargle. Apart from this, mix a little liquorice powder in a spoonful of honey and consume it twice a day. Its consumption provides quick relief from sore throat.

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