Air polution by factory
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Air Pollution and Human Life

We all know that without air, a human being can live only for 5-7 minutes and after some time dies due to suffocation due to lack of air.

At the present time, there are many reasons which are gradually decreasing the purity and quality of air. air is contaminated by carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and other toxic particles, etc.its effects oxygen quality and makes it polluted air. by inhaling such toxic air, these contaminated elements reach inside our body through breathing and cause side effects, and invite many breaths related disease.

There are many reasons for pollution, but somewhere there is the main reason for all those reasons, which along with air pollution, increase other types of Pollution is also increasing. and the reason is- population growth.

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Urbanization is increasing due to population growth.

Trees are harvested to increase the area of ​​cities, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the air, excess carbon dioxide and lack of coolness in the air. its is the most relevant reason for air pollution.

all types of garbage of cities poured in nearby rivers and outsides of cities become the reason of air pollution and other types of pollution like water pollution.

with the high rate of population growth, its Increase in demand for each type of product also increases. To complete the Increased demand in the number of mills and factories, and manufacturing units also established day by day. Consequently, the smoke emanating from it happens, Which also air Toxic. Breathing in such air proved extremely harmful for humans to Occur many diseases. fluid wastes from industries, chemicals used in various activities or the water generated from them also contain harmful substances. These soluble or insoluble substances combined in water sources make it contaminated or unfit for drinking.

Almost every household has one or more two-wheelers and many people have four There are also wheel vehicles. The more the population, the greater the use of vehicles will increase. By vehicles, The contaminated smoke emitted makes it difficult to breathe in the atmosphere and many large In cities, this pollution increases so much that everything starts getting blurred. And contaminated air is visible all around, which also irritates the eyes.
When the crop is produced, the residue left after harvest of the crop is destroyed To destroy, a fire is set up, which causes smoke to spread over a large area and the whole environment is filled with pollution. It invites many diseases. pesticides used to save the crop from bugs also pollute the air and makes air Toxic.

Apart from all this, the air is getting contaminated due to many other reasons. Human beings are also helpful in air pollution due to their neglect. we know it may be that humans are suffering from diseases day by day due to air pollution. its a worldwide problem. It has spread globally. the only difference is that its effect on somewhere more and somewhere is less. In India, air pollution is only at a high level.

Air pollution is also a cause of respiratory diseases, eye diseases, cancer, and other health-harming diseases. man is creating danger for himself by his own negligence. Present and future despite being aware of the loss and being knowledgeable, humans are still in the depths of this danger. is going It is like hitting an ax on one’s own feet.

How to overcome it

Efforts should be made at the global level to reduce this ongoing problem, otherwise, it will continue to grow and never decrease. every year trees should be planted. rivers should become clean and water has to be saved. there should be limitations on human beings and needs that are the cause of pollution. factories should close, that increase pollution.

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